Deer Mice for Christmas

Up close image of deer mouse. Interstate Pest Management serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about deer mice for Christmas.

The count down to Christmas has begun! This means all the holiday festivities are starting and you don’t want them to include pests. One of the most common pests during the winter season is a deer mouse. They like to find their way into your home when it’s cold outside. They are not ideal pests to have because they often carry the Hantavirus. This virus can cause fever, muscles aches, and fatigue. It has symptoms similar to the flu. The lungs can fill with fluid and cause coughing and shortness of breath. This is not something you want to endure your holiday season. This virus can be very serious and does involve a visit to the doctor. If you think you have deer mice for Christmas call a mouse exterminator so they can come and take care of the issue right away.


The deer mouse is small ranging from 7 to 10 cm in length. They usually are round and slender looking. They have a pointed nose and black eyes. Their ears are large with not a lot of fur to cover them. Their coloring is a brownish color. They have a long tail that is dark on top and light underneath.


They enjoy nesting in logs or tree holes. They are most commonly found the rural areas and prairies. They are sneaky and hard to find if they are living in your home. They do not like humans and will avoid them. They enter homes during the winter to find better shelter from the cold weather and to look for food while food is sparse during the winter season as well. They build their nests from their own fur and weeds. They do not hibernate, so they are active during the winter. A mouse exterminator knows about the their habits and can help you locate them and point out any damage they have caused to your home. Deer mice do not produce at the rate of bunnies but they can have two to four litters a year. And they mature at 8 weeks. Litters can contain up to five individuals.


The deer mice can carry the Hantavirus also known as the Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. People can get it from inhaling the virus where deer mice have left urine or feces. A mouse exterminator is the best person to have come remove the mice and all their droppings. It is very easy to contract the virus and it can be fatal. If you have any signs of mice in your home call a mouse exterminator right away. The exterminators have to wear OSHA-approved masks in order to get rid of the mice and their droppings.

Damage Caused by Deer Mice

They are small in sized and therefore can gain entry into housing very easily. They like to store food and will use your home as a place to nest and build of their food supply. They like to gather seeds and acorns. If you are finding collections of nuts, seeds, or acorns this is a good indicator that you can have deer mice. They can cause damage to your mattresses, upholstering on the furniture, clothing, and any paper goods they may find to create their nests.

Get Them Out!

Deer mice are much more dangerous to have in your home then the average house mouse. They carry disease that cannot be cured and is even fatal. If you have an inkling of deer mice call your local mouse exterminator Portland Or to take a better look at the situation. It is very important that professionals remove the deer mice from your home. They have special gear that will protect them from any harm and will make sure to properly disinfect all areas where the mice were. Don’t let deer mice ruin your Christmas!