Pest Control Myths

Bug being targeted. Interstate Pest Management serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about Pest control myths.

Are you having pest control problems? Are you trying to tackle the issues yourself? Well stop and take a second to fully examine your situation. You could be using tactics that are not helping solve the issue and maybe even making it worse. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your home is call professional pest control services. However, if you are stubborn and feel the need to tackle the issue yourself, then here are some myths to debunk before you continue on. These myths might have you thinking twice about going on alone in your pest control issues.

1. Myth: Cheese is the best bait to use for mice or rats.

Truth: Pet food, peanut butter, or sweets are better for attracting mice or rats into a trap.

2. Myth: Pests never live in a clean house.

Truth: Yes, having a clean house is very helpful to keeping good pest control. However, some pests do not care how clean your house might be. Pests such as bed bugs, ants, and termites are just looking for a warm place for the winter.

3. Myth: Using boiling water to get rid of ants.

Truth: Sure, scalding hot water being poured onto the ant nest will kill all the ants it touches, but the ants further down in the nest will be totally unscathed and therefore continue to reproduce and cause a nuisance in your home.

4. Myth: Pets keep rodents away.

Truth: Your pet can scare off a mouse your two but if you have yourself a full on infestation then you furry friend cannot do much.

5. Myth: You can treat bed bugs on your own.

Truth: Bed bugs can be the most difficult infestation you might ever have to deal with. It takes a lot more than a few pesticides to get rid of bed bugs. Plus, they are extremely harmful. Professional pest control will use greener systems that are much more effective than an over the counter pesticide.

6. Myth: Bees only sting once.

Truth: Honeybees will only sting once, however, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets, can sting and bite repeatedly.

7. Myth: Your neighbor’s pests will invade your home after fumigation.

Truth: Pest will die before the fumigation has even ended. If they do realize fumigation is occurring they typically will run inside the home and then die.

8. Myth: Your house has a concrete slab therefore will never have termites.

Truth: If you have wood framework then they will still find their way even through the cracks of the concrete.

The most effective pest control involves knowledge, strategy, and common sense. When you are trying to tackle your own pest problems remember these myths and avoid creating extra snags for yourself. If your pest problems are still persisting even with a little TLC then go ahead and just call your local pest control in Portland Or. They know what they are doing and can help you totally obliterate any issues you are having. They can inspect you situation and design an approach that best suits your pest needs.

Also, best pest control involves green, environmentally friendly approaches. Being conscious about the environment is extremely important when it comes to solving pest problems. It is easy to start spraying harsh chemicals all over the place. However, sometimes it takes much more than just pesticides to take care of your pest issues. Some pest services might completely over look the idea that they are harming the environment. Be sure to choose a company who has the environment in mind while they are helping you achieve your pest control goals.