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Do you have rats on your roof or a mouse in your house? Your home is your domain where you should feel the most comfortable and relaxed. However, uninvited guests like rodents can have you peeking around the corner before entering the room just to make sure the coast is clear. If these skittish critters are having you feeling skittish yourself, it’s time to take action.

At Interstate Pest Management, our rodent control experts are highly trained in the biology and behavior of rodents. These pests breed so rapidly that just one female mouse can produce more than 100 babies within a year! For that reason, we understand that in order to provide effective rodent control, it’s crucial to act fast—but smart.

Types Of Rodents We Treat

Rodents are more than just a nuisance pest. They spread diseases—such as typhus, Lyme Disease, salmonella, and even the plague—and can cause acute food poisoning when they contaminate food. These creatures are also destructive, as they have no problem gnawing through walls and electrical wiring, which can trigger fires and cost considerable damage. Our rodent control services target pests such as:

  • Norway rats
  • Roof rats
  • House mice
  • Deer mice

Our Rodent Control Process

Our rodent control program follows five general steps to help ensure the most effective methods of rodent exclusion, control, and prevention:

  1. Inspection: A qualified pest inspector performs an initial inspection to identify construction gaps, holes, faulty building materials, burrows, and other openings that may service as rodent entry points.
  2. Exclusion: After every inspection, we provide a quote to perform the prescribed exclusions in order to keep rodents out of the structure. Our skilled exclusion specialists can perform most of the repairs we see but may recommend a contractor for more extensive structural repairs.
  3. Trapping: Traps and bait devices are set according to species, location, and level of activity observed during the inspection. We never use rodenticides indoors and have a number of different baits including non-toxic baits which can be used strictly for monitoring. All devices are installed in a manner that is safe and discrete.
  4. Quality Assurance: Follow-up services help us to maintain our equipment and ensure that everything is being done to resolve rodent problems in an efficient manner.
  5. Maintenance: Ongoing maintenance is performed as part of the All-Season Pest and Rodent Service.

*Note: Structural work performed for rodent exclusion is not included within the All-Season Plus program.

Our Rodent Control Service Area

Interstate provides rodent control to the following locations in southwest Washington and northwest Oregon and their surrounding areas:

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Want to learn more about rodent identification, behavior, and prevention? Visit our rodent Pest Identification page to learn more!

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All-Season Pest + Rodent Control

This year-round maintenance program includes quarterly treatments that safeguard your home against common household pests including carpenter ants, roaches, stinging insects, fleas, rodents, and more!
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