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Banish Your Bed Bug Problem

If you’re dealing with the unnerving presence of bed bugs in your home, Interstate’s team of experts is here to help. We understand the frustration and discomfort that comes with these unwelcome guests, and we are committed to providing you with fast and effective solutions. With our state-of-the-art equipment and proven extermination methods, we guarantee to restore peace and comfort to your living space.

Checking Your Home For Bed Bugs

Inspect Your Bedding: Start by thoroughly examining your mattress, box springs, and bed frame for any signs of bed bugs. Look for small reddish-brown bugs, tiny white eggs, or dark brown excrement spots. Pay close attention to the seams, crevices, and folds of your bedding.

Check Common Hiding Spots: Bed bugs are experts at hiding, so extend your inspection to other common hiding spots in your home. Look behind picture frames, electrical outlets, and in the folds of curtains. Don’t forget to check upholstered furniture, including couches and chairs, as well as any cluttered areas. Everything within five feet of those areas should be inspected!

Use a Flashlight and Magnifying Glass: Bed bugs can be extremely small and hard to spot with the naked eye – about the same size, shape, and color as an apple seed. Enhance your inspection by using a flashlight and magnifying glass to help identify any potential signs of bed bug activity that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Our Bed Bug Extermination Process

Our conventional methods are backed by industry experts and we use the latest technologies available. Our process utilizes a variety of chemical and non-chemical resources to control bed bugs at the source and guarantees that the bed bugs have been eliminated.

Steam Treatments: Our steam machines areour most valuable tool when treating bed bugs.. Steam effectively kills all stages of bed bugs including eggs and allows us to safely treat many surfaces where chemicals cannot.: The steam penetrates into creases and folds of furniture where bed bugs spend most of their time. Steam treatments are environmentally friendly and furniture-safe.

Insecticides: Our highly trained professional team members will apply insecticide products to provide lasting control of bed bugs in furniture voids, along baseboards, to bed frames, inside walls, and other cracks and crevices as permitted. Our expert technicians use safe and effective insecticides to assist in the process of steam treatments and ensure thorough bed bug control.

Mattress Encasements and Interceptors: To further protect you from being bitten while you sleep, we install specially designed mattress encasements to keep bed bugs from making your bed their home. These encasements provide an additional layer of defense, ensuring a more comprehensive bed bug treatment. Interceptors will be installed on the legs of acceptable furniture such as bed frames and couches to prevent bed bugs from accessing the furniture from the ground or nearby furniture.

Certified Bed Bug Free: Interstate Pest Management has been awarded this certification as one of the few companies that commit to regular certifications and proactive customer service. When you call on us to handle your bed bug infestation you can trust that our experts will arrive at your home with the right equipment, training, and certifications to handle your problem – and to keep it gone, for good!

Our Bed Bug Control Service Area

Interstate provides bed bug control to the following locations in southwest Washington and northwest Oregon and their surrounding areas:

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