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In Washington and Oregon, a host of potential headaches loom in the form of pests – be it fleas in your backyard, mice in the attic, hornets under the porch, or even bedbugs in your living spaces. We can help shield you from all these potential infiltrators: our pest defense and mitigation techniques are fortified by years of experience, top-notch training, and safe, effective pest control strategies.

At Interstate Pest Management, we offer one-time pest services but can also take a preemptive stance in protecting your home. Reach out to us today or get the details of our All-Season Pest Service (outlined below) to learn how you can maintain a pest-free home, and total peace of mind, for one low monthly rate.

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Our Approach

Our 3-step process puts effective pest control treatments and customer satisfaction front and center.
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  1. Inspection: Every service begins with an inspection provided by one of our trained technicians to identify pest activity and sources of the infestation. They will also be looking for recommendations to prevent future pest infestations on your property.
  2. Treatment: After the source of pest activity has been identified, our technicians will recommend a course of action. This may include using reduced-risk insecticides and baits, sanitation services, and repairs.
  3. Follow Up: Our technicians will document all of their findings, everything they did, and a list of recommendations for the customer to protect their home or business from future infestations and other pest problems.
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All-Season Pest Service

Year-round protection. Protect your home from ants, roaches, spiders, fleas, stinging insects, and more! Starting at $37/mo.
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