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A swarm of bees making honey in a hive.
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Gauging the PNW’s Stinging Insect Threats
Stinging insects are a common sight in the Pacific Northwest - and they serve an important role in pollination. But some of them can also be serious threats to people. In this blog, we parse out which stinging insects are mostly harmless, and which ones can mean problems - and even danger - for homeowners.
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Closeup of termites in nature
Oregon’s Termite Triple Threat
In this post, we talk to readers about the 3 types of termites in Oregon: Subterranean termites, western drywood termites, and dampwood termites.
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Person's Left Hand Holding Green Leaf Plant
Why Eco/Green Pest Control Actually Matters
Eco and Green are slapped onto seemingly everything these days. Put in the context of pest control, what does that actually mean? We explain to readers what green pest control really is, and why it's so important.
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Why Ants Absolutely Love Your Home
Ants in the kitchen. Ants in the bathroom. Ants in the basement. If you are seeing ants all around your home, there might be something about your home that is making it an ant magnet. In this blog, we tell readers some of the common causes of ant infestations, the true threat that ants pose, and how you can mitigate an ant presence in your home.
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Close-up image of a German cockroach
The Year-Round Pests of the Pacific Northwest
Some pests never give it a rest. In this post, we tell readers which pests are active year-round -- and why staying on top of pest issues all year is so important.
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Oregon pest wildlife - a Virginia opossum beside a metal railing
A Guide to Oregon Pest Wildlife
Oregon is home to a ton of nuisance wildlife. In this post, we take a look at the most common of these pests, talk about their behavior and the threat they pose, and what can be done to keep them away from properties and homes.
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