Dampwood Termites Pay Exterminators in Portland, OR a Visit

Up close image of a dampwood termite. Interstate Pest Management serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about Dampwood Termites Pay Exterminators in Portland, OR a Visit.

It’s the time of year to start looking out for termites. Not just any termites, but Dampwood Termites. Yes, it is what you’re thinking, they like wood that is damp and decaying. What more perfect termite for the Pacific Northwest? However, our homes are not a place for these termites to hang around. They should be out in the forest where the real damp and decaying wood can be found. So, how can you avoid this? It rains non-stop here. Well, first of all you should address all water damage issues you could possibly be having. This is your first armor of protection. Secondly, your local exterminators can come in and eliminate the problem.

Behavior and Habits

The Dampwood Termites are very common along the Pacific coast. These termites are significantly larger than any drywood termites. They typically found in soggy logs or decaying wood. They do not nest in soil but the actual wood itself. A few winged termites will found the colony. They start by finding a suitable damp or decaying log typically then they lay a few eggs. It is common for the colony to start out very small and grow. As the colony grows they create numerous chambers connect through an intricate tunneling system. The winged termites are especially for mating and starting new colonies elsewhere.


Do you have an old house? Is your house sitting in moisture? Is the wood in your home rotting away? You could have termites, and you also probably should move because your house is falling apart. However, the exterminators can help you work through your termite issues. If you have any water damage in your home this can attract the termites. Issues with roofing and siding leakage tend to lead to water damage. Be sure to pay attention to your rainwater drainage and any plumbing issues too. These can all lead to potential termite habitats if not taken care of properly. If all potential moisture problems have been addressed and termites still find their way in, the best thing to do is contact the exterminators.


These termites are different from your ordinary drywood termites. They do not tunnel through soil or have any contact with soil. They like to build tunnels and nest within the wood. The damage you might find will be clean and smooth tunnels inside the wood. They will eat across the grain of decaying wood. They will use their fecal pellets to see the crevices for which they are living in. If the wood is soggy enough the pellets will stick to the sides and will be easily visible. If you notice swarms of winged termites this is another tall tail sign you have an infestation. These winged termites can be confused with winged ants, professional exterminators can help you tell the difference if you are having troubles.

Things to look for:

•    Smooth tunnels
•    Chambers
•    Fecal pellets
•    Winged termite swarms

Exterminators Portland, Or

Termites give you nothing but problems. The moment you notice you might have an issue, take action and get rid of them. If caught in the early stages the wood can easily be replaced. The best approach would be to first have an inspection to determine whether or not you have an infestation. If you don’t have termites, then you are off the hook. If you do have termites then the exterminators will help you create a plan and decide the best approach to solve the concern. It is very important that you allow professional exterminators to handle the dilemma of having termites infest the wood of your home.​