Bed Bug Apocalypse

People's feet hanging off a bed. Interstate Pest Management serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about bed bug apocalypse.

When you think “apocalypse”, zombies undoubtedly come to mind; mindless, groaning drones of death and rot, their brain-hungry corpses staggering creepishly toward their next victim. And then there’s the zombie bite…that bite that will turn you and your loved ones into hollow-skulled cannibals to forever wander the earth chanting, “brains, brains…” until every last human has been bitten.

The Bite

Zombie bites turn humans into zombies, but thank goodness for you, a bed bug bite won’t turn you into a bed bug. (That would be awkward in the morning. “Good morning honey . . . aahh!!”) However, their bites are no less terrifying. Dozens of little creatures feasting on your blood at night certainly conjures up an apocalyptic feeling.

If you have a bed bug problem, there are signs. When you wake up, look for bites resembling red welts. Most often, they’re found on your neck, arms, and face. Be careful, there are numerous insects that leave the same type of mark. A second key to identification is by looking for reddish brown spots within you sheets. It’s distasteful and disturbing, yet bed bugs defecate while they feast. That explains the stains. As the infestation grows, the number of bites and spots will increase.

The Light

One controversial topic is whether or not zombies are afraid of the light. Some “How to Survive an Apocalypse” guidebooks suggest bringing a flashlight just in case. You never know until you meet a zombie just how they could react, so that flashlight could save your life.

Unlike zombies, we DO know bed bugs ARE afraid of the light; photophobic is the proper word. They wait until its dark before attempting to feed. Not only do they love the dark, the C02 you exhale while sleeping wakes them up and tells them it’s time for breakfast. Don’t worry, their bite is painless since they give you a numbing agent to make sure their dining experience isn’t ruined by you waking up and giving them a swat. In severe infestations, you are served up luau style for hundreds of bed bugs at a time.

The Multiplying

In a true, full-scale apocalypse, zombies bite humans who become zombies and then they bite other humans who become zombies until millions of zombies are biting to create other zombies until the whole world is filled with zombies. Terrifying, yes?

In the world of bed bugs, this is a real life nightmare. When you have an infestation of 200 bed bugs that are each laying one or more eggs per day suddenly in one day you have 400 bedbugs. Give it a week and those 200 have multiplied to 1400 bedbugs and if your infestation waits one whole month, you could have 6,000 or more blood-thirsty cretins waiting to make a meal out of you while you have a nightmare about zombies.

The Life

Like zombies, going without food isn’t a problem for bed bugs. A zombie is virtually immortal and can wander this planet for centuries searching for brains. Bed bugs are like the zombies of the insect world, they aren’t immortal but they can survive for several months without a meal. In cooler climates, when food is scarce, their bodies enter a state of hibernation and they can remain in stasis for an entire year. The moment they sense carbon dioxide, bed bugs awake and are ready to feast.

In zombie movies, anyone not properly armed gets munched. When you buy chemicals at the garden center bed bugs, like zombies, just keep coming. Bed bugs have adapted to most pesticides. You need serious bed bug weapons for this fight. Entomologists recommend calling certified professionals to deal with infestations.

Interstate Pest Control is the Solution

The certified pest control specialists at Interstate Pest are the zombie killers in the bed bug world. If you have an infestation, it isn’t too late. Interstate Pest Control has certified bed bug specialists. We even went to a special school to become bed bug experts. Our experience allows us to use the most advanced methods and effective chemicals. Our process is safe; the only living things that need to worry are the pesky bed bugs invading your sleep. We’ll end any bed bug apocalypse, because that’s what we do. Give us a call and we will put an end to this horror film so you can get a good night’s sleep.