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Pantry Pest Control & Removal

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What are the habits of pantry pests?

The most common types of pantry pests include moths, weevils, and a variety of small beetles. Each of these pests have their own pantry product of choice. If you have a pantry pest you want to identify, start with the food you have found them in:

  • Weevils - found in whole grains, rice, corn, miller, beans, bird seed
  • Moths / Indian meal moths - found in grain and grain products, dried fruit, seeds, crackers, and nuts
  • Cigarette beetles - found in rice, ginger, raisins, pepper, seeds, spices, botanicals
  • Drugstore beetles - found in dry pet food, flour, cereal, pepper

What are the signs of pantry pests?

Beetles and moths have three stages of development, and all three stages can be found in your food, however here are some things to remember about the stages of pantry pests:

  • During the egg stage, pantry pests are so tiny they are rarely seen.
  • During the larval stage, pantry pests are the most destructive.
  • The adult stage is when you are most likely to see and notice a pantry pest infestation.

What are the risks of having a pantry pest infestation?

While pantry pests aren’t poisonous, nobody wants to eat food infested with bugs! If you just got finished with dinner and notice pantry pests in your spices or cabinets, don’t be alarmed. It might be unsettling to think about eating a bug, but there is no need to worry about your health. The main risk of having pantry pests is the spread of these bugs in your pantry, causing you to have to throw out many of your ingredients and purchase new ones.

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