Spring Weather Means More Bugs

Two ants on a plant. Interstate Pest Management serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about why spring weather means more bugs.

They may include various types of ants like carpenter ants and odorous ants, bed bugs, fleas, and mosquitoes. Some people try to get rid of this problem as they become active in warm weather on their own but they rarely become successful in their efforts as they haven’t had suitable equipment and materials required for exterminating them effectively. In such condition, you must contact a pest control service to deal with the problem as soon as you notice the activities of these bugs in your home. They can exterminate them effectively before they start contaminating the environment.

Odorous House Ants

Odorous House Ants are known as odorous, as they release a pungent odor like rotten coconut when crushed. You can find them indoor as well as outdoor. During warm weather, they are usually found outdoors where they have a number of food sources but during rain, they shift indoors to search other food options. These ants thrive in a moist environment so to reduce their infestation in your home you should ensure to resolve the problem of moisture in and around your home. They are usually found near the backsplash area behind your kitchen sink. If you are unable to control them, call a professional pest control company for this purpose.

Carpenter ants

These household ants are the biggest threat in Portland. They build their nests by making tunnels through walls which may damage the structure of your home. To avoid such damaging condition it is better to exterminate them as soon as possible. As a homeowner, you can reduce the damages caused by carpenter ants by removing decayed wood and plants touching your home all around. If the problem persists then you can call pest control Portland OR service providers for effective treatment.

Bed Bugs

The infestation of bed bugs is dangerous for any kind of furniture and clothing, new or old. They can remain underground for the entire year without food but come out in warm weather to find their food. These bugs are difficult to exterminate without professional pest control services, as they have all the equipment and materials required for their effective removal.


Adult fleas are mostly found on cats and dogs but they also jump anywhere and bite you unknowingly. The reproduction of fleas is very fast as they lay eggs on your pets which fall on their bed as the eggs are not sticky. From the bed of your pet, they spread all over your home to contaminate its environment. In order to get rid of these fleas, you will have to treat yours as well as your pet’s home as they can re-infest if not treated properly. If you are not able to treat your home and the home of your pet effectively then you should call professional pest control company for this purpose.


Mosquitoes are abundantly found in Portland OR during the months of warm weather. They breed more around abundant greenery and on water standing in and around your home due to rain or any other reason. They usually ruin the outdoor as well as indoor environment during summer. You as a homeowner can reduce the problem of mosquitoes by reducing greenery and eliminating standing water in and around our home. Though some people use mosquito repellents to save them and their family from their contaminated bites but to exterminate them from your home you are required to treat your home properly with the help of a pest control service.