5 Tips for Getting Rid of Fruit Flies

Flies on an orange. Interstate Pest Management serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about 5 tips for getting rid of fruit flies.

Are you having issues with fruit flies? Once fruit flies have settled in to you home, it takes some perseverance to kick them out. With the holidays coming up there is going to be a lot of food hanging around your house. While you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, fruit flies might be getting caught up in your home. Any food that sits out and around the house for long periods of time will attract fruit flies. This alone will cause fruit flies to appear. They are constantly laying eggs and hatching. Non-toxic pest control can get rid of fruit flies. Five simples steps can help you prevent and lose the fruit flies.

Here are 5 steps you can follow:

1. Remove any fruit or food that is attracting the flies.

By simply removing their source for survival this will discourage them from sticking around. It could be any food that is sitting out. Also, taking your garbage out regularly and limiting the rotting food that is around your house. This is a simple step towards non-toxic pest control. Removing the source of the problem is a huge step towards eliminating them. Keeping your cleaned fruits and vegetables in the fridge is the best way to discourage fruit flies. Any juice containers, or vinegar containers should be thoroughly cleaned before putting them into the recycling bin. This includes containers that hold ketchup, or cooking wine.

2. Keep areas that attract flies thoroughly clean.

After preparing and cooking a meal make sure to properly clean the areas after use. All dishes should be totally rinsed. Make sure there are no remnants of food particles on the counters, in the sink, or on any dishes. Make sure to clean out the sink and scrub it down after cleaning dishes. It is extremely helpful to clean the seals of the refrigerator and the inside on a regular basis. Regularly clean around your dishwasher and stovetop as well.

3. Catch and release methods.

The catch and release method is a great way to utilize non-toxic pest control. Take a piece of rotten fruit and place it into a large jar. Then place a funnel on top or a cone made out of paper inside. This allows the fruit flies to get into the jar but not out. Put the jar in an area that is concentrated with fruit flies. Once you have collected a good amount you can release them back outside.

Another nontoxic pest control method you can try is making a trap. You can use a jar, a bowl, or even a cup. Place some fruit in the container and pour a little amount of vinegar in with the fruit. Then, take plastic wrap and place it on top of the container. Poke little holes into the plastic wrap. Once you feel like you have caught a fair amount go ahead and release them outside.

4. Alternative methods to capturing fruit flies.

Besides luring the fruit flies in with fruit and traps you can use a few alternative methods. Making sure all your windows and doors have updated screens is a good place to start preventing fruit flies. Also, placing a household fan near any concentrated areas can catch the flies in a crosswind. Then, place a bottle trap away from the flies.

5. Suck the flies up into the vacuum.

This may seem like the simplest nontoxic pest control method to get rid of the flies, but it takes some patience. Any of the areas heavily populated with fruit flies you can take the vacuum and suck them right up. There is no release to this method. You can also swab some vinegar into the hose of the vacuum to help lure them near then turn the vacuum on.

Don’t let fruit flies take over!

Once fruit flies have decided to settle in, it takes a lot of work and perseverance to get them out. Take extra steps to preventing them. If they have already taken over try some at home nontoxic pest control. If your problem still persists call your local nontoxic pest control Portland Or for any further advice or questions.