Raccoon Infestation?

Three  outdoors. Interstate Pest Management serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about raccoon infestations and how to prevent them.

Raccoons are nocturnal creatures and you’ll usually find them snooping around your trash cans at night. They are confrontational creatures and when approached they will stand their ground. Animal control is your best option to call if you are having raccoon infestations.


Raccoons are nocturnal mammals. They have become infamous for their pesky, mischievous nature. You will find these pests heavily populated in wooded areas however, they are known to venture into more populated areas to find food. They don’t typically will live in your home but they can be found in the crawl spaces. Animal control can help you determine whether or not you have a raccoon problem. They are most known for scattering garbage and debris while digging through your trash cans. They diets change with the season but will dig up sod in search for earthworms and ruin your lawn, or damage your garden looking for bugs or sweet corn. They also tend to eat smaller animals such as frogs and mice, or fish.

Signs of Raccoons

  • Overturned trash cans
  • Debris scattered about
  • Partially eaten garden items
  • Structural damage potentially in the attic
  • Also, simply sighting the raccoon’s
  • Tracks


Raccoons are typically known for raiding your trash. It is helpful to get trash cans that are made out of hard materials like plastic or metal with tight fitting lids and clamps to hold them shut. Putting your trash cans in a rack or a tying them down also makes it harder for the to get into them. If necessary you can also look into put a screen on your chimney to keep the from entering the home. There are ways to trap the but it is best if you seek advice from professional animal control before fixing the problem yourself. The most proactive way to deter is to ensure there is no access to food, shelter or water. Before taking on the issue seek confirmation from animal control that you do in fact have are the reason for the damage done to your property.

Here are some do it yourself tips on preventing :

  • Sealing parts of the house they may allow entry
  • Make sure vents are animal proof
  • Cut trees back
  • Install caps on the chimney
  • Keep trash clean and free of debris
  • If possible, keep trash containers in the garage
  • Do not leave pet food, or remains of pet food outside
  • Cover compost
  • Remove any bird feeders
  • Put fencing around your garden
  • Limit available water
  • If you have a swimming pool, try to keep it covered

Raccoons are unwanted pests to have lingering around the home. They will disturb your pets such as cats and or small dogs, causing tension and potential danger. Not only do they make an uncomfortable environment for your animals, but they are also capable of ruining your garden or lawn. The biggest issue they create is the debris they will scatter around you garbage cans. If you do not want to have to pick up trash every morning it is suggested you find ways to properly seal or store your trash cans. If you have tried all prevention methods and still have a problem with then the next step is to call animal control. They are your best option for getting rid of the in a humane and safe way. Be sure to call your local animal control Portland Or for more advice and information on taking care of raccoon infestations.

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