Preparing Your Home for Fall Pest Control Portland Or

Cockroaches on model home. Interstate Pest Management serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about preparing your home for fall pest control in Portland OR.

Temperatures are beginning to drop and that often leads to unwanted pests thinking they can snuggle up into your home. Before calling pest control Portland Or right away, take the extra step to prepare your home. Pests are looking for a warm place to reside during the winter season and they begin their search for the fall. They don’t only want to find shelter, but also a place with easy access to food.

To ensure unwanted house guests will not interrupt your winter, there are several useful guidelines to follow. This does not guarantee pests will not find their way into houses this cold season, but it does help to diminish the possibilities of full on infestations and postpones the call to pest control. Fall pest proofing the home is very important to discourage the unwanted pests from taking over your home.

Helpful things to do in order to keep pests away:

Keep the floors clean:
If there is a spill or crumbs on the floor and you don’t have a dog that will clean it up for you, be sure to sweep it up immediately. It gives them less reason to be coming into your home if there isn’t any easily accessed food.

Take the trash out daily:
This will eliminate odors and keep any rotting food out of the house, which often attracts pests.

Keep fruit in the refrigerator, especially ripe fruit:
This can often attract fruit flies. Which are near impossible to get rid of once they decide to reside at your place. They are the house guess that won’t take the hint that they have definitely outstayed their welcome.

Keep pets clean:
Brushing and bathing them on a regular basis is encouraged. Also use flea and tick protective treatments, especially on pets that are indoor and outdoor.

Keep the outside of the house clean and up to date:
By filling in all the nooks and cracks it leaves little to no entry for the pests. Double check on the door frames and cabinet for any cracks that might need to be filled.

The most common vermin who begin to move in during the fall season are rats and mice. Rodents, of any type, become a huge nuisance to have in the house. They often carry harmful diseases, making them very dangerous. Rats and mice often carry salmonella and Hantavirus. If you have a full on infestation of rodents pest control Portland Or will need to be called. They cause destruction to the house by gnawing on wires or woodwork throughout the home. Fires can start in the home from electrical short-circuiting due to chewed on wires.

Pests come in all shapes and size; bugs love to find their way into homes during the winter and cold seasons. Some insects lay their eggs and leave them to develop during the winter and hatch during spring. Additional insects will continue to survive during winter. Many insects lay eggs in the house in the fall. This becomes a huge problem for homeowners. When they start to hatch during the springtime you will have to call pest control due to all the unwanted house guests.

Spiders, for one, are a pesky problem; often times the venom in their bites can cause allergic reactions.

Box Elder Bug, or more commonly known as the Stink Bug. The box elder bug won’t cause any severe damage or harm but they are known for the odor they give off when they are squished. The Box Elder bug may stain light draperies near the windows where they like to hang out.

The Carpet Beetle won’t bite but you can find the carpet beetle burrowed in piles of clothing or in your dressers. So when you go to grab your box of winter clothing from the attic, be sure to thoroughly shake it out.

When all else fails and pest control must be called, be sure to find a place that will try other alternatives before spraying down the house. Using pesticides can be harmful and should be used only in extreme cases.