Don’t Bring Bed Bugs Home

Up close of bed bug on mattress. Interstate Pest Management serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about how to not bring bed bugs home.

Bed bugs could potentially be one of the worst things to happen to your bed. Not only do they bite and leave bit marks on the body, they are extremely difficult to get rid of. Exterminators have to come in and do a very intensive procedure to get rid of them. This is no fun for you, or the exterminators. One of the most common reasons bed bugs arrive in your home is due to traveling. While you are traveling and staying in different hotels they like to hitch a ride back on your luggage. Let’s give you some tips to help you prevent bed bugs from ever becoming an issue for you.

When traveling pay attention to these five tips:

1. Secure the Area

Search the room high and low for any signs of bed bugs before staying in it. Keep your luggage out of the room or in the bathroom before setting them on the carpet in the room. The bed bugs will most likely jump on to your luggage. Exterminators know the signs of bed bugs and you should become acquainted with the signs too.

Some signs you can search for in the room are:

•    Spots of blood stains on the sheets or pillow cases

•    Rusty spots of bedbug excrement’s

•    Egg shells, or shed skins

•    Musty Odor

2. Get Out of There

If you believe there is any slight chance of bed bugs, get a different room. Trust me, it’s worth getting a different room than spending the night with bedbugs. One night, and they want to come home with you. Do not get a room that is across the hall or adjacent to the infested room. Request a room that is far away, potentially in a completely different building. Bedbugs can easily spread to rooms near the birthplace of infestation through housekeeping carts.

3. Wrap Your Luggage

Even if you feel confident that your room is bedbug free, go ahead and take the extra step to cover your luggage. Don’t keep your luggage on the ground or the bed. If you can, use a luggage rack to keep it a safe distance from the floor where any potential pests could be lurking. Wrapping your luggage in a plastic bag can ensure no bedbugs will borrow into your suitcase or clothes. They can’t survive on a surface such as plastic. Then when you are leaving you can just take the wrapping off your luggage.

4. Pretend the Floor is Hot Lava

The floor is not safe. Be sure to keep clothes in your suitcase and not on the floor. Luggage and clothing are two of bedbug’s favorite transportation services. This tip goes beyond the hotel room, in any public place, the floor of the airport, the floor of the taxi. You can never be too careful. Your local exterminators can tell you more about where bedbugs like to hang out. Bedbug can lurk in peculiar places despite the name. A safe rule of thumb, don’t put any personal belongings on the floor.

5. Give Your Suitcase a Bath

When you arrive home after your travels the best thing to do is throw all your clothes in the washer machine and take a scrub brush to your suitcase. Well, before scrubbing your suitcase exterminators suggest you run a thorough check on your luggage. Make sure there are no signs of eggs or shed skin. A good way to ensure no bedbugs made it home with you is to steam or suitcase. The hot steam will kill off any bugs or eggs. Be sure you wash your all of your clothes, even the ones you didn’t wear.

If you are constantly traveling then these tips are beneficial for you to follow. Bring souvenirs back from your trip, not bedbugs. When all else fails and you fall victim to a bedbug infestation, call your local exterminators Vancouver Wa to take care of the problem.