Signs You Have a Rodent Infestation

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Signs You have a Rodent Infestation in Portland OR- Vancouver - Longview - Kelso WARodents are not just a nuisance, they can damage your home and your belongings and spread diseases both directly and indirectly. Rodent infestations are difficult to treat which is why it’s important to understand the signs of an infestation. Maintaining a clean home, blocking entry points, and trimming back vegetation can help keep rodents away, but what if you already have an infestation?

Signs of Ants and Mice

  • Rodent droppings: rodent droppings are commonly found in cupboards, beneath sinks, and other hidden areas.
  • Gnaw marks: rodents will gnaw on nearly anything from paper to cardboard boxes, anything they deem useful for nest building.
  • Nests: as mentioned above, rodents will make nests out of paper, fabric, and more. So if you see shredded up bits of material, that’s a sign of a rodent nest.
  • Runways: runways or rodent tracks occur when rodents are active in your home. You may see footprints, urine stains, droppings, or even smudge marks.
  • Scampering sounds: rodents, like rats and mice, are nocturnal pests. You’ll be able to hear them more at night either running around or scratching.
  • Unpleasant odors: if you notice an unpleasant musty odor, that’s commonly a sign of rodent urine. The larger the infestation the more easily you’ll be able to smell it.
  • Unusual pet behavior: pets, especially dogs will act differently when a rodent is around. If you notice your dog barking, scratching behind appliances or underneath furniture, or just acting more alert, you may have rats or mice in the home.

Professional Rodent Exterminators

Whether you have a current rodent infestation or want professional help keeping rodents out, Interstate Pest Management can help. We provide professional rodent control and exclusion services for both homeowners and businesses alike and because we don’t believe in putting band-aids over infestations, we’ll take care of your problem, using baits, traps, monitoring stations, and caulk-sealing. Then, we’ll follow up for effectiveness and ensure your problem doesn’t return! Our rodent control program is just one aspect that sets us apart from traditional pest control approaches.

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Signs You have a Rodent Infestation in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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