Commonly called, “possums”, opossums are the only marsupial native to the U.S. Living in hollow logs, pipes, and attics, these pests will feed on garbage, plants, insects, and even rats and mice. While opossums are not aggressive, they may flash their sharp teeth, growl or hiss at you if they feel threatened. Opossums are also known to play dead for several hours as a defense mechanism.




 Size 33 inches long, 12 inches tall
 Color Gray
 Body Structure Opossums are reminiscent of large rats. They have gray fur, a long hairless tail and ears, and a pinkish pointed snout. They’re about the size of a typical adult cat.
 Characteristics When an opossum feels threatened, it will hiss, growl, or reveal it’s 50 pointy teeth to scare off predators. More than likely, however it will go into shock at the fear of a potential confrontation and faint. This shock induces a comatose state which can last anywhere from 40 minutes to 6 hours. During this time, the opossum’s body will go limp, it will drool, and will start to smell of decay.
 Habitat & Behavior Opossums are scavengers. Apart from eating your pet’s food or tearing through your garbage can, these pests are non-destructive. They don’t dig, but rather live inside hollow logs and other abandoned areas.
 Commonly Active Spring / Summer / Fall
 Prevention & Treatment Opossums eat a variety of meat and plant-based foods. They’ll eat rodents, insects, and chickens, as well as nuts, fruits, and grass. So to help deter these pests, pick up fallen fruit, eliminate debris, and bring pet food in at night. It’s recommended to work with a pest control professional to inspect your home and perform exclusion techniques in addition to opossum trapping & removal.