Seven Tips to Deal with Bugs

Little girl eating a watermelon slice. Interstate Pest Management serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about 7 tips to deal with bugs.

Take Back Your Summer: Seven Tips to Deal with Bugs

Summer brings out the best activities. From hiking to barbeques, the outdoors awaits. But every good thing comes with a price. Summer brings out pests that can ruin the fun. Here are seven tips for dealing with summer bugs.

1. Insect Repellent

Use Insect Repellent. If you’re going to be outside, a little bit of repellent will keep the bugs from biting. Mosquitoes, ticks, and chiggers can make summer fun miserable. The first two can carry numerous diseases including, West Nile Virus and Lyme’s Disease. There are many repellents which will keep you safe. If using a spray that contains DEET, the CDC recommends brands containing at least 20%.

2. Heavy Scents

If It Smells Nice to You, It Smells Nice to Them. Scented deodorant, hairsprays, and perfume will keep foul odor at bay but the same can’t be said for insects, they’re attracted to good smells. If bees and wasps are attracted to you, it might be a good idea to lay off the scents or at least switch it up a bit.

3. Underbrush

Avoid Thick Underbrush. When hiking, stay to the middle of the trail. Ticks will climb up bushes, hold on with their rear legs leaving 4 to 6 arms ready to snag the next unsuspecting victim that walks too close. Chiggers do the same. Avoiding their bushy hangouts will reduce your chances of contact.

4. Check Yourself

Bug Check. Ticks favor warm areas such as your armpits, neck, back, head, and stomach. Don’t forget to check your belly button and below the belt. Though tiny, fleas can be a problem as well. They will hitchhike in on your clothes and even on Max and Kitten. Don’t forget to check your pets.

5. Light Colors

Wear Light Colored Clothing. First off, light colors reflect sunlight, making it cooler on hot days. Secondly, bees and wasps are attracted to bright colors but not light colors. White clothing will keep stinger armed insects from thinking you are a flower. Light clothing makes it easier to check for bugs as well.

6. Avoid Swarms

Stay Away From Swarms. This goes for wasps, bees, and ants. If you see a mass of shiny, fat-bodied wasps buzzing around a hole in your yard, stay clear. Yellow jackets are looking for any reason to defend their nest. Armed with a rapid fire stinger and chewing mouth parts, yellow jackets are mean. If you live in warmer climates and see a swarm of bees, do not approach it. The Africanized honeybee or “killer bee” makes yellow jackets seem friendly. The same goes with fire ants. If a nest is disturbed, a mass of tiny little soldiers will swarm up the invader and bite all at once.

7. Pest Control

Look into pest control services. If your yard is an insect playground, Interstate Pest Management can solve the problem. No matter what pest has your fun on lockdown, we’ve got the key to take back your summer.