Mosquitoes, Mankind’s #1 Killer

Up close image of a mosquito biting a person. Interstate Pest Management serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about mosquitoes, mankind's #1 killer.

The warmth of summer brings barbeques, landscaping, and a quick dash through the sprinklers. Sunlight demands that we leave the dark confines of our homes for the chance to soak up solar rays. But there is something else waiting for us outside other than fun. Little flying pests are out for blood, human blood, and they are coming to a backyard near you.

One Million Deaths Per Year

Mosquitoes cause more problems for humans than any other animal. The bite might be itchy and irritating, but that is not the problem. It’s what comes with it. Mosquitoes are vectors, meaning they are transporters for bacteria, parasites and viruses. Over one million people die each year from diseases related to mosquitoes. Add the number up over centuries and it easy to see how mosquitoes have caused more deaths than any war or conflict that has ever occurred. West Nile, Malaria, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, Encephalitis, and Rift Valley Fever are just a few of the potential maladies carried in mosquito saliva. It is estimated that a child dies every 40 seconds from Malaria alone. People aren’t the only animals at risk; horses, dogs, cats, and even birds are all targets. For dogs, mosquitoes carry something terrifying. Have you ever heard of heartworms? If the dog becomes infected, the little parasitic roundworms will seek out the heart and lungs as a living space.

What can be done?

First off, we are at war. It is a battle against the little winged vermin and the prize is a safe and enjoyable summer. In order to win, understanding the enemy is crucial. Mosquitoes don’t start out in the flying adult form. Their eggs and larvae thrive in still water. The first defense against mosquitoes is to eliminate these areas. You should dump the water out of buckets, toys, planter boxes, anything where water can accumulate. It is not always easy to find all the potential problem sites. A trained pest eradication specialist from Interstate Pest Control can assist with inspections and education. Mosquito larva breathe through spiracles located at the back of their wiggling bodies. There are substances that a trained specialist can use that will prevent the larva from breathing. In addition, there are chemicals specifically formulated to target the larva in other ways.

Feel Safe in Your Yard

Even if you are vigilant at removing the larval growth areas, your neighbors might not. Even if your neighbors all joined in the battle, an adult mosquito can fly for miles looking for a blood meal. Before you walk away from your grill in defeat, Interstate Pest Control can also target the adults. A technician will work with you and help determine your goals. They will customize a mosquito control system that will fit you and your lifestyle.

Don’t let mosquitoes hold your summer fun hostage and keep your furry best friends safe as well. Win the war against mosquitoes with Interstate Pest Control on your side; starting in your own backyard.