Carpenter Ants Aren’t Carpenters

Stacks of railroad ties. Interstate Pest Management serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about why carpenter ants aren't carpenters.

Would you call your butcher a veterinarian? Of course, you wouldn’t. So who was the misguided person who named the carpenter ant? Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t eat wood. They do however, take apart your house to make theirs. They are uncarpenters. I guess someone must have thought they were carpenters because they build tunnels through all the soft moist wood they can find in and around your home.

That is the ridiculous part; they don’t “build” the tunnel, they chew through your home to make theirs. Left unchecked, you will see quickly that carpenter ants aren’t building anything. They just remove wood that is in their way. If that wood happens to be a support post under a floor beam, how are they to know? They are, after all, NOT CARPENTERS. They can’t read a blueprint nor recognize a bearing wall.

How to fight carpenter ants

If there ever were a species that should learn the value of unions, it is ants. They work ridiculously long hours. You can hear them munching away all through the night. They follow their supervisors blindly as they disseminate your house and build more tunnels for their growing colony. They only take a break from digging tunnels to become caterers for the colony. When they aren’t hunting for dead bugs to eat, they will go after anything sweet they can find in your pantry. They do this 24/7 365 days a year. They still don’t complain. But you should.

When ants invade your home, particularly carpenter ants, you may think since you are bigger and smarter that you may have the upper hand. Without experience, the proper equipment, and products you will find this isn’t true. It’s not that ants are smarter than you, but they have been doing their thing for eons, and they are really good at it—they also out-number you sometimes millions to one. Do it yourself remedies usually become a protracted battle that you end up losing in the end, along with your time and money.

Bring in the professionals

Besides having the proper products and equipment, an Interstate pest control professional will know how to locate colonies and prevent future infestations. Yeah, they know how to out think carpenter ants. It’s harder than you would think. We have been ridding homes of carpenter ants for years. We don’t believe in making it a long process either. We come to your home and make quick work of your carpenter ant infestation. We then make sure they don’t return.