Carpenter Ant Prevention

Carpenter ants on a piece of wood. Interstate Pest Management serving Portland OR & Vancouver WA talks about carpenter ant prevention tips.

There is plenty of insect food in the natural environment, but when we clear a house lot and build a home, we remove much of the natural food supply and replace it with a built environment.  Just like you Carpenter ants would rather live in a nice warm home rather than a cold wet log. With a little thought, we can limit the potential for insect infestation. Preventive practices include:

  • Remove wet or decayed building elements.
  • Fix and inspect for moisture problems: roof, walls, appliances and plumbing leaks
  • Remove all wood that is in contact with soil in and around home.
  • Separate all wood from the soil around perimeter and in crawlspace by at least 18″.
  • Inspect around heat ducts and all heat producing appliances in crawl space annually.
  • Do not bury wood and tree stumps on the building lot.
  • Move or rotate firewood, scrap wood, and lumber away from the home.
  • Remove vegetation and mulch from area next to house and out buildings.
  • Avoid using rail road ties or cherry logs for landscaping.
  • Avoid using foam insulation on foundation walls when possible.
  • Schedule quarterly inspections, and treatments using non-replant insecticides.