When to Call a Wildlife Expert


Wild animals are a part of nature but they can pose health hazards and become a nuisance if they get too comfortable on your property. While there are many DIY methods out there that claim to deter wildlife, they generally lack effectiveness which is why if you have a wild animal on your property or in your home, it’s best to contact an expert immediately.

Signs of a Wildlife Animal Infestation

Many wildlife animals invade homes, specifically attics, and crawl spaces, to be safe from predators or to raise their family. Others will damage your yard and garden as they forage for food and shelter. Here are some signs you may have a wildlife infestation.

  • Animal droppings
  • Scratch marks on your attic walls
  • Nests
  • Chewed up wires
  • Chewed up or disturbed insulation
  • Ripped up ducts
  • Hearing screeches, howls, cries or scampering
  • Physically seeing the wild animal

Risks of Wildlife Animals

Wildlife animals aren’t domesticated so if they feel threatened or frightened they may pose a danger to your family and your pets by attacking. Wildlife animals can also cause property damage by chewing on wiring, insulation, gas lines, or gutters. Even worse, a wild animal can die in an enclosed area and begin to rot. Wildlife animals also aren’t housebroken, in addition to producing a lot of waste, they can potentially carry harmful viruses and bacteria.


Licensed Wildlife Removal

These critters need food and shelter to survive just like we do but they don’t belong in your home. If you have a wild animal in your home, it’s best that you contact a pest control company immediately, like Interstate Pest Management. Wild animals are, just that, wild. They aren’t tame so you don’t know what to expect with them. Any movement or unusual sound can cause them to charge. They can also spread diseases like rabies or bring disease-carrying parasites into your home.

At Interstate Pest Management, we take a humane approach when it comes to wild animals. We will safely remove the animal from your property and recommend further exclusion techniques to help prevent these pests from returning. Give us a call today to learn more!