• Bee, Wasp & Hornet Nest Removal

Bee Wasp Hornet Nest Removal in Portland OR - Vancouver - Longview - Kelso WAMost stinging insects like bees, wasps, hornets are beneficial in their ecosystem. They prey on other insects and pollinate trees and flowers. However, some stinging insects, especially waps and hornets, can be very aggressive and administer painful stings. In fact, these pests will alert others to attack if they feel threatened.

When to Have a Nest Removed

There may be some cases where you only see a few stinging insects around your property and cannot locate a nest. This is because oftentimes they will establish them in hard-to-reach spaces including underground, under decks, and in eaves. However, over time their nest will grow and you’ll see more of them swarming around your property. If a nest is in a high traffic area, there is a higher chance these insects will feel provoked and may attack. So it’s important to contact a professional at first sight of these pests. They will inspect your property, locate the nest, and safely remove it.

Preventing a Bee Nest

Preventing the formation of nests is a difficult task for homeowners. The only way to make sure your home remains free of stinging insects is to have a quarterly pest control service like our Green Tree Service.

Professional Bee Nest and Hive Removal

Our moist springs provide the perfect environment for nest formation of this region’s most aggressive pests. We are capable of taking care of any nest no matter the location. For multiple nests on your property, we offer an eve treatment service. This service includes the removal of all nests from your home, preventative treatment of the eaves, and if any nest appears in the three month warranty period, we will come and take care of it free of charge!