• How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home


Broom with cobwebs - how to keep spiders out of your homeSpiders are a part of nature, and they’re bound to wander into your home every so often. Though most spiders are harmless, it can be frightening to find one indoors! Their webs may also be bothersome, especially if your home becomes a haven for these creepy crawlies. Thankfully, there are a number of steps you can take to eliminate spider infestations and keep these pests out of your home:

Step 1: Remove Spiders and Webs

Removing any existing spiders and webs from your home is the first step in eliminating these pests. While this step may seem simple enough, it’s important to thoroughly check any potential hiding spots. Spiders often hide in dark, warm, or low-trafficked areas such as:

  • Corners and ceilings
  • Basements or garages
  • Beneath furniture
  • In storage boxes
  • Under sinks or in cabinets

Step 2: Get Rid of Clutter

The more cluttered your home is, the more places spiders have to hide out. Undisturbed or dusty areas also make for perfect spider breeding grounds, which can make it harder to get rid of an infestation once it’s started. Going through your things to eliminate trash and clutter can help you keep your household spider-free.

When reducing clutter, watch for things like old furniture, open storage boxes, and other items. Keeping objects like books, papers, shoes, and clothing in unused closets or underneath beds can also create ideal habitats for spiders. By selling or donating your old things, you can eliminate clutter and prevent spiders from nesting in your home.

Step 3: Keep the House Clean

A clean house is good for a lot of reasons – including preventing spider infestations! Dirt, dust, and food crumbs can attract all sorts of pests, including ants, pantry bugs, and cockroaches. Where there are bugs, eventually there will also be spiders.

Keeping your home clean, storing food in airtight containers, and properly disposing of trash are all effective ways to prevent pests from invading your home. Regularly disinfecting your floors, countertops, tables, windowsills, and other surfaces can create a sanitary environment that deters spiders. Thoroughly vacuuming carpets every week can also help you remove any insects or eggs that may be lurking.

Step 4: Eliminate Entryways

Getting rid of spiders in your home is a great first step. But, to ensure these pests don’t come back, it’s important to eliminate any possible entryways that they could use to sneak indoors. Spiders are small and can use even the tiniest of openings to get inside – including broken screens, gaps in windows, cracks in foundations, and openings near doors or windows. Eliminating these entryways can help you keep spiders out of your home.

Step 5: Update Your Landscaping

Believe it or not, your landscaping can attract spiders to your home. Houses that are surrounded by lots of organic matter – like leaf litter, mulch, plants, and wood – are more likely to harbor spiders. That’s because pests can hide inside of the organic matter without being detected. Keeping bulky landscaping away from your house (particularly the foundation) can help you reduce spider problems.

If you’ve tried all of these steps and are still finding spiders all over your home or property, it may be time to call for backup. Thankfully, the professional spider exterminators at Interstate Pest Management are prepared to help you remove these pests quickly and efficiently! Our experts have been serving the Pacific Northwest since 1963, and we are dedicated to helping you treat the root cause of your pest problem. Call us today for a free quote!