• Signs of a Cockroach Infestation

Signs of a Cockroach Infestation in Portland OR- Vancouver - Longview - Kelso WAWherever man can survive, so can cockroaches. Cockroaches are born scavengers. Even a tidy, clean house isn’t safe from a cockroach infestation. Whatsmore, you can have cockroaches in your home without even knowing it.

Signs of Cockroaches

While cockroaches can hide in plain sight, they will leave behind some signs of their presence. Here are some common indicators of a cockroach infestation.

  • Cockroach droppings: cockroach droppings are similar in appearance to that of ground black pepper and ground coffee.
  • Cockroach skin: cockroaches molt or shed their skin about 6 to 7 times as they grow into an adult. Their skin is light brown and shaped like a cockroach.
  • Unusual musty odor: cockroaches produce an oily, musty odor. Typically the stronger the odor, the larger the infestation.
  • Damage to your belongings: cockroaches will feed on just about anything; food and non-food. Look for damaged leather, books, and papers.
  • Smear marks: cockroaches will leave brown smear marks where they’ve been
  • Egg casings (ootheca): cockroaches egg lays in casings called ootheca. These oothecae are light brown in color and about a ¼ inch in length.

How Cockroaches Get Inside

Cockroaches are very resourceful. There are a variety of ways they can get into your home. They may enter through small cracks in your foundation as well as through your plumbing and drains. They’re also great hitchhikers. They’ll easily get into a property by hitching a ride through luggage, boxes, and furniture.

Where do Cockroaches Hide?

Cockroaches are excellent hiders. There are several places in your home where these small pests will hide including:

  • Narrow cracks & crevices: cockroaches have small, flat bodies that allow them to shelter in the smallest of spaces.
  • Behind appliances: cockroaches are nocturnal. They’ll forage for food at night, feeding on a variety of things from food to paper.
  • Underneath sinks: like most pests, cockroaches are attracted to water, so they commonly hideout near leaky pipes.

Professional Cockroach Extermination and Prevention

Cockroaches are disgusting, troublesome pests. They can affect your health and your indoor air quality. So it’s best to contact a professional if you suspect you have a cockroach infestation. One of our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your home and quickly eliminate it for good. We’re proud to deliver safe, eco-friendly solutions to handle your cockroach control needs. Contact us today to learn more!