Murder Hornets

The Asian Giant Hornet, often called the murder hornet is a large species of hornet native to South, East, and Southeast Asia, and eastern Russia. Most recently, Asian giant hornets have been spotted in Washington state and British Columbia. These stinging insects, like other wasps, generally don’t attack unless they’re bothered.




 Size 1 ½ in to 2 in
 Body Structure Head, thorax, and winged abdomen. Six legs and large prominent eyes, with a stinger about a ¼ inch in length.
 Color; Orange body with black and brown stripes; light orange head
 Habitat & Behavior Asian giant hornets prefer to live in low forests or in underground nests. They feed on insects and tree sap and the biggest concern with murder hornets is that they prey on honeybees and hives, which can impact local colonies.
 Commonly Active Spring / Summer / Fall
 Prevention & Treatment Washington is the only state with official murder hornet sightings and scientists are currently working to trap and eliminate this stinging insect before it becomes widespread.