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Boxelder Control & Removal

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What do boxelder bugs look like?

Boxelder bugs are flat, oval-shaped insects with reddish-orange markings on their backs. They have two antennas, six legs, and are about a ½” in length.

What are the Habits of Boxelder Bugs?

Boxelder bugs are commonly found near acer trees such as boxelder trees, ash trees, and maple trees during the warmer months. When they’re looking for places to overwinter, they may migrate to nearby homes or businesses where they will settle in walls to insulate themselves.

What are the Risks of Boxelder Bugs?

Boxelder trees will spend most of their time outdoors until the weather gets cooler. This is when you might find them in your home looking for shelter. These small pests will enter your home through small cracks and gather in your siding or walls.

Although boxelder bugs are not a threat to your health or your home, they are a nuisance to deal with, especially because they travel in large groups. Boxelder bugs not only release pungent odors and stains, but they can also be detrimental to your house plants. Plus, dead boxelder bugs in your home can attract dermestid beetles who feed on insect carcasses.

Boxelder Bug Control and Removal Services

When it comes to boxelder bugs, you’ll need a reliable and knowledgeable expert on hand. Interstate Pest Management in Portland OR and Vancouver WA can treat various pests including boxelder bugs. Our team is dedicated to providing fast, discreet, and effective services to all of our customers. To speak with one of our expert boxelder bug control specialists, give us a call today!

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