Is Your Crawl Space Putting Your Family's Health At Risk?

A dirty crawl space can create dangerous air conditions within your home. High humidity below the ground can result in toxic mold spores that thrive in this environment. As a result, the moisture can leach from the soil, traveling through your home through porous foundations and structures as vapor. If you are worried about the risk to your loved ones, Interstate Pest Management has the crawl space repair solution. Our licensed technicians will repair your crawl space and turn it into a healthy environment. After all, doesn't your family deserve to breathe clean air?

Crawl Space Services in Washington and Oregon

Here at Interstate Pest Management, we are dedicated to keeping you and your loved ones safe–and our crawl space liners are the first line of defense. By replacing your dirt crawl space with CleanSpace® vapor barrier technology, we create a solid barrier that retains heat and traps cold air and moisture before it can enter your home. CleanSpace® liners help reduce energy costs and alleviate allergy symptoms caused by the conditions inside your crawl space. Our crawl space services include:

  • Industrial sanitation, deodorizing, and total disinfection of your dirt crawl space
  • Fumigation of your crawl space and attic
  • Insulation removal and replacement
  • Duct repair
  • Sump pump and water management
  • Professional installation of CleanSpace® liner

No More Unwanted Pests

Rot and decay caused by moisture and humidity in your crawl space create the ideal environment for insects and wildlife such as:

These unwanted pests leave behind droppings of feces, urine, and even their own carcasses. You and your family are left breathing noxious fumes during the hot, humid months. At Interstate Pest Management, we completely eradicate these pests and rodents from your crawl space by installing a CleanSpace® liner. Our team of experts will gut your old crawl space and completely fumigate, exterminate and remediate the area to protect your home from future rot, decay, and infestations.

You deserve a protected crawl space!

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