Pest Control in Longview

Longview, Washington is home to a variety of wildlife, but as a homeowner, you tend to appreciate nature a little less when it finds its way into your home. Don't spend your time looking over your should for signs of an infestation. Trust the talented Longview exterminators at Interstate Pest Management to protect your home at all times with our proven and guaranteed pest services!

Residential Pest Control in Longview

Here at Interstate Pest Management, we have been providing effective pest control in Longview since 1963. Our treatments are designed to get rid of pests and make sure they stay gone. With decades of experience providing the highest quality of pest control in Longview, you can expect service that will keep a wide variety of pests at bay, including:

Pest Control Packages


Interstate Pest Management’s All-Season package is a highly effective, two-prong approach to pest control–eliminating AND preventing pest infestations in your home.Learn More!

All-Season Plus

All-Season Plus is a pest control maintenance program that protects against common household pests such as ants, fleas, roaches, flies, spiders, PLUS rodents!Learn More!

All Season Premiere

Our most comprehensive pest control package protects your home and family from common household pests, PLUS termites and rodents.Learn More!


We know that your home is different from your neighbor's and that your pest problems are unique, too. That's why we begin with a thorough inspection from one of our Longview pest control experts. Once we have a better understanding of the pest issues in your home and any specific risk factors that might make you vulnerable to future infestations, we work to eliminate pests and prevent future pest problems!

Long-Term Results - Guaranteed! 

Our goal is to make pest problems a thing of the past for your family. With Longview pest control treatment options tailored to protect your home throughout each season, we're so confident we'll solve your pest problems for the long haul that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you do notice pests inside your home between regularly scheduled visits, give us a call - we'll send a Longview exterminator out to service your home again free of charge. 

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When Was the Last Time You Took Care of your Crawl Space?

At Interstate Pest Management, we care about more than just getting rid of bugs. Your family's overall health and wellness are important to us as well. Many homeowners may not put a lot of thought into the health of their crawl space, and that's because they may not realize the role their crawl space can play in the health of their home and family. Decades of experience caring for homes in Longview have proven that crawl space liners are an important line of defense against contaminated air in your home. When you call on our crawl space services in Longview, we replace your dirt crawl space with CleanSpace® liners, trapping hot summer air, cold winter air, and moisture before it can seep into your home. 

Our Longview crawl space services also include:

  • Crawl space and attic fumigation
  • Duct repair
  • Sump pump and water management
  • Industrial sanitation, deodorizing, and disinfection of dirt crawl spaces
  • Removal and replacement of insulation
  • And more!

Are you ready to get a clean, healthy crawlspace? Speak with one of our customer care specialists at 360-636-0560 to get started on your crawl space transformation now.


Are Bed Bugs Ruining Your Sweet Dreams? 

Nobody wants to climb into bed at the end of a long day with the worry that something else might be climbing around in the sheets with them. If you think you have bed bugs, our qualified bed bug exterminators in Longview will come to your home and perform a thorough inspection. Then we'll use the latest technology and the most effective bed bug control treatments in Longview to eliminate your infestation quickly so your family can get back to sleeping peacefully.  

Here is what you can expect when choose us for bed bug treatments in Longview: 

  1. A free quote to determine the extent of the infestation
  2. Open communication about what we'll need to do to treat each area of your home
  3. Four bi-weekly visits to eliminate the bed bugs
  4. The use of specially-trained canines that can detect bed bugs and their eggs with great accuracy
  5. The utilization of steam machines to exterminate the bed bugs in even the tiniest cracks or crevices
  6. Bite-proof mattress encasements that prevent the bed bugs from getting in or leaving your mattress

If bed bugs are making your family endure sleepless nights, it's time to give Interstate Pest Management a call. Call 360-636-0560 today to speak with one of our customer care specialists about our Longview bed bug treatment options and to schedule your free inspection! 


Don't Let Rodents Run the House

When you suspect rodents are living in your space, it's important to act fast. Rats and mice are notorious for reproducing quickly, so one rodent can quickly become a much bigger problem. At Interstate Pest Management, our trained exterminators in Longview have the knowledge and skills to deliver expert rodent control in Longview fast and ensure there won't be a resurgence. Our Longview rodent control team will thoroughly inspect your property for signs of rodent activity, leaving no place for them to hide.  Our rodent exterminators in Longview will create a treatment plan tailored to your home, defending your family with a combination of techniques, like: 

  • Natural, chemical, and sound-based repellents
  • Monitoring stations
  • Glue, snap, and multiple catch traps
  • Baits

Don't let squeaking and scuffling in the dark corners of your home go unnoticed. If you suspect rodents are making themselves right at home in your home, it's time to call on the highly-qualified pest control exterminators in Longview at Interstate Pest Management. Give our customer care specialists a call at 360-636-0560 today to set up your free inspection!

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