Pest Control in Hillsboro

Interstate Pest Management has been providing quality pest control in Hillsboro for over 5 decades. Our many years of experience have helped us gain familiarity with every pest in the area, and our pest control services in Hillsboro are tried and true; so you can trust that our team knows exactly how to handle an infestation of any size. Our Hillsboro pest control treatments typically include:

  • A thorough inspection from one of our Hillsboro exterminators
  • A customized treatment plan 
  • Effective solutions to eliminate pests
  • Long-lasting relief from all unwanted invaders

Residential Pest Control in Hillsboro

Here at Interstate Pest Management, we offer Hillsboro pest control services that effectively get rid of bugs so you can enjoy a pest-free home. Our residential pest control in Hillsboro is designed to protect your home and family from a variety of pests including:

Pest Control Packages


Interstate Pest Management’s All-Season package is a highly effective, two-prong approach to pest control–eliminating AND preventing pest infestations in your home.Learn More!

All-Season Plus

All-Season Plus is a pest control maintenance program that protects against common household pests such as ants, fleas, roaches, flies, spiders, PLUS rodents!Learn More!

All Season Premiere

Our most comprehensive pest control package protects your home and family from common household pests, PLUS termites and rodents.Learn More!

Family-Friendly Pest Solutions

Here at Interstate Pest Management, safety is our top priority. We are committed to providing eco-friendly pest control in Hillsboro. We implement Integrated Pest Management tactics to get rid of pests without the use of chemicals. We always strive to naturally control pests before we result to other methods. However, when we do utilize other methods, you can rest assured knowing that we always use green solutions. 

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Rodent Control in Hillsboro

One of the most frustrating things to deal with as a homeowner is a rodent infestation. Mice and rats won’t just make your family uncomfortable - they can actually be dangerous! Aside from the rodents nibbling on the wires in your home or eating your food, they can also carry diseases and transmit bacteria that is harmful to you and your family. Interstate Pest Management specializes in humane rodent control in Hillsboro. We will inspect your home and come up with a customized treatment plan to eliminate these critters from your home for good. Some of our Hillsboro rodent control treatment methods include:

  • Traps
  • Baits
  • Repellents
  • Monitoring stations
  • Exclusion

We always take the natural approach before we result to the use of chemicals due to our belief in green, environmentally-friendly services. At Interstate Pest Management, you will receive nothing but the best rodent control in Hillsboro! 

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Bed Bug Control in Hillsboro

Can’t sleep tight because you’re scared the bed bugs may bite? We don’t blame you. These tiny pests cause a lot of problems. They reproduce rapidly and are very difficult to get rid of on your own. Not to mention, they have the itchiest bites; however, Interstate Pest Management will get rid of your bed bugs for you. We provide the best bed bug treatments in Hillsboro by incorporating a seven-step elimination system. When you partner with us for bed bug control in Hillsboro, you can expect:

  • Steam machines to kill bed bugs at all stages without the use of chemicals.
  • Insecticides that target hard to reach areas for advanced infestations
  • Mattress encasements that are bite-proof and protect against the entry and/or escape of bed bugs on all sides of the mattress.
  • Canine services that use specially-trained dogs to sniff out bed bugs with incredible accuracy.

Bed bugs can cause sleepless nights, but now you can rest assured knowing Interstate Pest Management has the solutions you need. Our Hillsboro bed bug control provides effective treatments that will eliminate these pests for good!

When bed bugs are making you uncomfortable, it's important to have a team on your side that knows just how urgently you need relief! Give our customer care specialists a call at 360-636-0560 to schedule a free inspection today!



Crawl Space Services in Hillsboro

Did you know that your dark and humid crawl space can be a huge danger to your entire home? Toxic mold spores thrive in this environment, along with pests like termites, ants, mice, and raccoons. Don’t let your crawl space be a breeding ground for toxic mold and destructive pests. At Interstate Pest Management, we offer crawl space services in Hillsboro that can protect your home, reduce energy costs, and alleviate allergy symptoms. With our Hillsboro crawl space services, we can:

  • Fumigate your crawl space and attic
  • Remove or replace insulation
  • Repair broken or faulty ducts
  • Add a sump pump for water management
  • Install a professional CleanSpace® liner

We will inspect your crawl space for signs of mold or pests and recommend the best treatment for your home based on what we discover. With our Hillsboro crawl space services, your crawl space will be looking beautiful in no time!

Are you ready to enjoy a pest-free home in Hillsboro?

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