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Protect Your Home, Your Family, & The Environment

At Interstate Pest, we do things a little differently. Your family's wellbeing and the health of the environment are always our top priority. We want the best for your family and promise to be upfront with our pricing to ensure that we are providing you with the best pest control service in the Pacific Northwest.

Honest, Affordable Pricing

You won't find any hidden fees here – we are 100% transparent with our pricing & communication, so you can count on us.

Environmentally-Friendly Solutions

We are committed to providing green, eco-friendly pest services to our community in the greater Portland-Vancouver area.

Pest Control in Gresham

Don't let pests overrun your home! Our Gresham pest control exterminators are experts at eliminating and preventing pest infestations so your family is protected year-round.

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Pest Control in Gresham

Here at Interstate Pest Management, we've been dedicated to providing the most effective pest control in Gresham since 1963. With such a long history serving the community, we know that pests aren't a seasonal issue–they're a big problem all year long. Because a serious situation requires a long-lasting solution, we designed our Gresham pest control treatments to keep working all year long! Our exterminators in Gresham will employ the most advanced treatment methods using the best products in the industry to ensure your home is pest-free now and in the future. 

Don't Let Pests Make Your House Their Home 

At Interstate Pest Management, our pest control in Gresham doesn't just get rid of the bugs that are currently in your house - it prevents future infestations, as well. When you partner with us for pest control in Gresham, you can expect:

  • A thorough inspection performed by one of our Gresham exterminators
  • A unique treatment plan based on the findings of our inspection
  • Eco-friendly treatments are will eliminate pests - guaranteed.

Our Gresham pest control treatments are an effective solution to get relief from the bugs that are bothering you most. Our expert Gresham pest control exterminators will target and eliminate the following pests:

100% Guaranteed Results for Your Family's Long-Term Comfort

Here at Interstate Pest Management, we believe in making Gresham pest control as easy as possible. After all, pest infestations are stressful enough. Our goal is to help you reclaim your home so you and your family can be comfortable again. We want you to be completely satisfied, so if you have a pest issue between visits simply give us a call. We'll re-service your home free of charge!

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Bed Bug Fears Got You Losing Sleep?

Unfortunately, bed bugs are a common occurrence in Gresham. However, when you call the expert bed bug exterminators here at Interstate Pest Management, we will do all we can to make sure that this bed bug infestation is your last! Our Gresham bed bug treatment consists of a seven-step system to get bed bugs out of your home quickly and keep them out for the long haul. When you partner with us for bed bug control in Gresham, you can expect:

  • Steam machines that kill bed bugs without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Chemical insecticide treatments for advanced infestations 
  • Mattress encasements for bed bug prevention

Interstate Pest Management is proudly one of the select few bed bug extermination companies in the nation that is Certified Bed Bug-Free. This designation means that we commit to regular certifications and that our Gresham exterminators provide proactive customer service to make sure that when we get bed bugs out, they stay out!

Don't let bed bugs put your family's comfort and peace of mind at risk any longer. Call our customer care specialists at 360-636-0560 today to schedule your free inspection!

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Protect Your Crawl Space to Keep Your Home & Family Safe

Have you ever considered the risk your crawl space can pose to your health and safety? This area of your home often goes overlooked but can be a major contributor to poor air quality, impacting the air your family breathes on a daily basis. Lucky for you, Interstate Pest Management has the latest industry tools and most effective methods for restoring comfort and safety to your home in no time! Our crawl space treatments in Gresham will quickly remedy the situation, repairing your crawl space and turning it into a healthy environment from here on out. Our proven four-step treatment plan gets directly to the root of the problem to reverse the negative impact of dirt crawl spaces. That means you can count on our team of crawl space experts to do the following:

  • Gut the entire area
  • Fumigate for complete disinfection
  • Exterminate to get rid of existing pests
  • Remediate for total damage repair

Then we'll ensure that your crawl space remains healthy over the long-term by installing CleanSpace® liners. CleanSpace® technology effectively creates a barrier between your home and the ground beneath it to retain heat while trapping moisture and cold air inside.

As a result of our Gresham crawl space services, you can enjoy lower utility bills, fewer allergy symptoms, and a pest-free crawl space environment. Call us at 360-636-0560 to take the first step in your complete crawl space renovation!

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Keep Rodents From Damaging Your Home

Having rodents in your home not only disturbs your comfort but can put your family at risk for diseases. If you have rodents, it's important to take immediate action. After all, they can produce as many as 200 offspring in just four months! That’s why our Interstate Pest Management team gets to work fast. Our expert Gresham rodent control exterminators begin with an initial inspection to locate any and all signs of rodent activity on your property, then we employ the most advanced pest control methods to eradicate current infestations quickly, so your family can feel safe and comfortable again. We also identify potential points of entry in order to eliminate repeat infestations.

Our rodent control in Gresham includes a combination of the following treatments:

  • Baits
  • Traps (glue traps, snap traps, and multiple-catch traps)
  • Repellents (natural, chemical, and sound-based)
  • Monitoring stations

Our Gresham exterminators have the training and experience to target and eliminate all types of rodents–including Norway rats, deer mice, field mice, house mice, roof rats, and more–and keep your home protected in the future. With our Gresham rodent control treatments, we will put an end to invasive rodents in your personal space once and for all.

When rodents are in your personal space, it can be unsettling, unsanitary, and just plain unpleasant! Give our customer care team a call at 360-636-0560 today to schedule your free inspection and get rodents out – for good!

Ready for a safe, pest-free home?

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Special Offers

Save Some Cash

Picking a pest control company shouldn’t be hard, so we want to make it easy for you to get started with these exclusive special offers!

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