Pest Control in Portland

At Interstate Pest Management, we have over 50 years of local pest control experience. We have been exceeding expectations since 1963! Because of our long history of providing high-quality pest control, rodent control, bed bug control, and crawl space services in Portland, we understand that pests are a year-long problem–from the warm weather months through the winter when they seek shelter from the rain. That means you need a long-lasting solution, not a quick fix. 

Our pest control in Portland effectively eliminates:

Pest Control Packages


Interstate Pest Management’s All-Season package is a highly effective, two-prong approach to pest control–eliminating AND preventing pest infestations in your home.Learn More!

All-Season Plus

All-Season Plus is a pest control maintenance program that protects against common household pests such as ants, fleas, roaches, flies, spiders, PLUS rodents!Learn More!

All Season Premiere

Our most comprehensive pest control package protects your home and family from common household pests, PLUS termites and rodents.Learn More!


Discovering a pest infestation in your home is frustrating. After all, you deserve to be comfortable in your own personal space. At Interstate Pest Management, we know how to get rid of common household pests and keep them from returning in the future–by employing advanced pest control treatment methods and the most effective products available. With our pest control services in Portland, you can take back your home from these intrusive pests for good–because that's the way it should be.

Long-Term Solutions 

By following an Integrated Pest Management program, we eliminate pest infestations in the safest way possible–creating an unfavorable environment for pests to grow and reproduce. When pesticides are necessary, we use the minimum amount of the least invasive products on the market. Our products are environmentally-friendly and safe for both children and pets so that you can have peace of mind.

A Friendly Team of Experts 

At Interstate Pest Management, we are committed to education. We provide our pest control exterminators with many opportunities to receive accreditation and specializations in addition to professional licensing. In addition, we foster an environment that makes exceptional customer service our #1 priority. From showing up on time to going above and beyond your expectations, our team wants you to be satisfied at all times. If you have a question, please ask. And if you have a pest issue between visits, just give us a call. We'll re-service your home free of charge!

Rodent Problems? We'll Show Them Who's Boss!

Rodents can be a serious issue, especially in Portland, where they seek shelter from the elements. Did you know that they breed so rapidly that two mice can produce 200 offspring in just four months? Our exterminators are experts on the basic biology of rats and mice. They will take proven measures to eliminate them before they can breed, combining rodent control treatments in Portland such as:

  • Traps (glue traps, snap traps, and multiple catch traps)
  • Baits
  • Repellents (natural, chemical, and sound-based)
  • Monitoring stations

Rodents don't belong in your home – but getting rid of these pests can be a real headache! That's where we come in. At Interstate Pest Management, we offer rodent control in Portland that takes care of the problem for good. First, we'll eradicate existing infestations so you can get your home back. But we won't stop there. We'll follow-up with preventative services to ensure that rodents stay gone for good!

Proactive, Preventative Treatments

At Interstate Pest Management, we know the key to rodent control in Portland is keeping them from getting inside in the first place. That's why we identify potential points of entry on your property. Then, in addition to eliminating existing rodent infestations, we create a perimeter around your home that rodents can't get through. It's all part of how we ensure your home stays rodent-free for the long-term.

Stop Mice and Rats in their Tracks

Rodents aren't just a pain in the neck. These pests are capable of causing costly damage to your home. They gnaw through walls, often triggering costly electrical fires. They also spread dangerous diseases such as the plague and contaminate food–causing food poisoning. Our rodent control in Portland targets a wide range of four-legged pests, including:

  • House mice 
  • Deer mice
  • Field mice
  • Norway rats
  • Roof rats
  • And more!

Don't Let Your Crawl Space Threaten Your Family's Health

If you have a dirt crawl space, the air inside your home may be unhealthy. Humidity levels in a dirt crawl space can be very high, creating toxic mold spores. When the moisture turns to vapor, it can enter your home and pollute the air your family breathes. But don't worry! Our crawl space services in Portland are the solution you need. The licensed crawl space professionals here at Interstate Pest Management will return your crawl space to the healthy environment you and your loved ones deserve–permanently.

Lower Your Utility Bills

Dirt crawl spaces often result in higher energy bills. The reason is simple–the high moisture levels interfere with the temperature levels in your home. To stay at a reasonable temperature, you require more out of your heating and cooling system. But when we install CleanSpace® liners as part of our crawl space services in Portland, the moisture is sealed in. You won't have to keep adjusting the thermostat, and you will save money on your monthly utility bills.

Keep Pests Out of Your Crawl Space

Here at Interstate Pest Management, our ultimate priority is to keep your family safe. Our team of exterminators will completely gut the area and then fumigate, exterminate, and remediate. We will then replace your dirt crawl space with CleanSpace® technology to create a solid barrier. By retaining heat and trapping cold air and moisture before it enters your home, you receive many benefits, including reduced energy costs and alleviated allergy symptoms. Your family will also be more comfortable–no more drafty floors!

Pests are attracted to dirt crawl spaces because of the moisture and humidity. Insects and wildlife will make themselves at home, leaving feces and urine behind. You may even find animal carcasses. With crawl space services in Portland, pests are forced to seek shelter elsewhere. That means you don't have to worry about unwanted visitors such as:

  • termites
  • carpenter ants
  • mice
  • squirrels
  • beetles
  • raccoons

Stop Bed Bugs From Ruining Your Sleep

If you can’t remember the last time you had a good night’s sleep, it’s time to call Interstate Pest Management. Bed bug control in Portland is a bigger problem now more than ever, and we’re here to help you, just as we’ve helped thousands of other clients for over 50 years. Let us take care of your bed bug problem once and for all, allowing you the peaceful sleep that you’ve been missing.

Here at Interstate Pest Management, we pride ourselves on being the best bed bug control service in the business, we are highly skilled at identifying bed bugs and providing quick and effective solutions ever since we opened our doors in 1963. Bed bugs can be extremely challenging to detect given their size, the way they fit into and hide in tiny areas, and the vague symptoms that they display. Even doctors have a hard time identifying bed bugs by examining the bite by itself. The only way to truly identify an infestation is to see the bug or its egg. So don’t take any chances, bring in bed bug professionals right away if you feel that you might be suffering from bed bugs.

Our Treatments Will Get You Sleeping Again

Once we’ve identified bed bugs, we’ll determine the severity of the infestation, how it began, and the best course of action to permanently solve your problem. Most common bed bug infestations can be resolved in four visits, which occur every two weeks. Our bed bug exterminating treatment includes:

  • A free quote to determine whether or not you have bed bugs
  • Specially-trained dogs that can smell bed bugs with great accuracy, which is helpful with early infestations that are particularly hard to spot
  • The industry’s latest technology and techniques to treat for bed bugs, including steam machines
  • Bite-proof mattress encasements that stop bed bugs from both coming and going
  • The use of chemicals, which are reserved for severe infestations only

Trusted Professionals That Deliver Guaranteed Results

Here at Interstate Pest Management, we understand the importance of continuing education in our industry. In order to remain the best, our bed bug control exterminators go through continuous, vigorous training and always stay up to date with the latest advances and technologies in the business. Because of these efforts, we received the distinction of being Certified Bed Bug Free, which is an honor awarded to very few companies in the country. Between our drive for improvement and our superior customer service, we are confident that we are the best choice for bed bug control in Portland.

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