Crawl Space Services in Portland

Here at Interstate Pest Management, our ultimate priority is to keep your family safe. Our team of experts will completely gut the area and then fumigate, exterminate, and remediate. We will then replace your dirt crawl space with CleanSpace® technology to create a solid barrier. By retaining heat and trapping cold air and moisture before it enters your home, you receive many benefits, including reduced energy costs and alleviated allergy symptoms. Your family will also be more comfortable–no more drafty floors!

Lower Your Utility Bills

Dirt crawl spaces often result in higher energy bills. The reason is simple–the high moisture levels interfere with the temperature levels in your home. To stay at a reasonable temperature, you require more out of your heating and cooling system. But when we install CleanSpace® liners as part of our crawl space services in Portland, the moisture is sealed in. You won't have to keep adjusting the thermostat, and you will save money on your monthly utility bills. 

Keep Pests Out of Your Crawl Space

Pests are attracted to dirt crawl spaces because of the moisture and humidity. Insects and wildlife will make themselves at home, leaving feces and urine behind. You may even find animal carcasses. With the crawl space services at Interstate Pest Management, pests are forced to seek shelter elsewhere. That means you don't have to worry about unwanted visitors such as:

  • termites
  • carpenter ants
  • mice
  • squirrels
  • beetles
  • raccoons

Are you ready to make your crawl space healthy?

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