Crawl Space Services in Beaverton

Did you know that your dirt crawl space can become toxic? It's true. When humidity levels rise inside a dirt crawl space, the conditions become ripe for creating toxic mold spores. Once these spores turn to vapor, they can easily enter your home and contaminate the air–the same air you and your loved ones breathe. Fortunately, Interstate Pest Management has the solution. With our crawl space services in Beaverton, you can rest easy knowing your crawl space is a healthy environment–both now and in the future. Isn't your family's health worth it?

Trust the Experts

Our team of experts at Interstate Pest Management have one priority: keeping your family safe and protected. When you choose our crawl space services in Beaverton, our expert technicians follow a proven four-step treatment plan:

  • Gutting the area completely
  • Fumigating to disinfect
  • Exterminating existing pests
  • Remediating and repairing damage

Once the area is safely cleaned out, we'll prevent future issues by creating a solid barrier between your dirt crawl space and your home with CleanSpace® liners. These liners retain heat and keep out cold air and moisture to lower utility bills, alleviate allergy symptoms, and keep pests out for good.

Reduce Energy Costs

Without our crawl space service in Beaverton, the temperature in your home will fluctuate in response to high moisture levels inside your home. As a result, your heating and cooling system must work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. One of the benefits of CleanSpace® liners is moisture control–making your home efficient while saving energy costs.

Keep Your Family Safe and Secure

Rodents and insects are attracted to moisture and humidity in dirt crawl spaces. These pests are more than a nuisance–they can put your family in danger of infections and diseases from feces, urine, and carcasses left behind. Don't allow your family to breathe in these noxious fumes during the hot, humid months of summer. Once we install CleanSpace® liners as part of our Beaverton crawl space service, you can have peace of mind that your family is safe and comfortable now and going forward.

Ready to make your dirt crawl space safe once and for all?

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