Bed Bug Control in Lake Oswego

You shouldn’t have to be afraid to go to bed. When bed bugs have infested your home, it feels like every night is a battle that you always lose. Not only do bed bug stop you from sleeping soundly, but when you wake up – you’re covered in bed bug bites. Our solutions for bed bug control in Lake Oswego will get you and your family sleeping peacefully again.

Here’s What You Can Expect

We know that Lake Oswego bed bug treatments should be safe, effective treatments. We will use green, organic methods to eradicate your bed bug problem. This is what you’ll receive when you call us for a bed bug treatment:

  • A free quote to determine the extent of the infestation
  • Open communication about your bed bug problem about how we’ll exterminate them
  • Four bi-weekly visits to eliminate the bed bugs
  • The use of specially-trained canines that can sniff out bed bugs with great accuracy
  • The utilization of steam machines to exterminate the bed bugs
  • Bite-proof mattress encasements that prevent the bed bugs from getting in or leaving your mattress

Why Choose Interstate Pest?

When you want to exterminate bed bugs, you should only trust the experts in bed bug control in Lake Oswego. Bed bugs can be tough to treat, and that’s why we only use the most advanced methods available. Our technicians are experts in their field and continuously receive training, giving them the best skills to fight your bed bug problem. We follow Integrated Pest Management protocols that work every time.

Here at Interstate Pest, not only have we been in business since 1963, but we are QualityPro certified, as well as Certified Bed Bug Free. But being the best doesn’t just mean using the best methods with the best team. It also means having transparent pricing and honest communication with your customers. That’s the standard we hold ourselves to, and that’s why we’re the most trusted name in bed bug control in Lake Oswego. Let us help your family sleep through the night again with our reliable and safe solutions.

Stop stressing over bed bugs & have sweet dreams instead!

Get a free quote for bed bug control today!